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Odd Man Out


Script  (Формат PDF 86 Kb)

 Everyone's got a few skeletons in their closet. Well, in Peter's, there's more than a few. Saying goodbye to Anna, he heads to a date with Tatiana.

So what some would say, “lots of guys regularly have a mistress as well as a wife. They're a kind of status symbol”.

Well everyone has their own set of principles and ideas about life. Enter Michael. In this story he decides to play the role of judge.

Michael, with the help of his stun gun, invites Peter to his courtroom.

Peter comes to in a cube that he can't escape from. Anna and Tatiana sit in neighboring cubes. On a large plasma screen Michael explains that Peter has to make a choice. There are three breaker switches that open doors in his cube. But once he flips the first two, the third automatically locks. And that person is trapped in their cube.

The situation is tense. A few facts:

First, water has started flowing out of hoses located in the cubes. And Peter has to decide within the hour who will be forced to stay and who will be allowed to go.

Second, both women are pregnant.

Third, each woman has a lover so the odds are lower


that Peter is the father of either of their children.


But Peter makes his choice.


He saves the lives of both women and dies himself. Six months later both women give birth to sons and testing proves that they are his children. Because of this, the children (and not their mothers) inherit Peter's whole estate. The mothers receive child support.