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Before reading these scripts, please read the terms and conditions under which you (a director) may implement my works:


Paid version:


You can use the script after paying (amount to be negotiated) and I will not interfere in the process. I will just await my name in the credits.


At the end of shooting I shall be given a copy for home use and for posting on my website. 


  1. Competition work, under which the rules state that a work must be shown for the first time at the contest. 

  1. Other shows, rentals, festivals etc.

Then the film will be posted after the contest, premieres etc. (or a link to the film will be posted).

Under certain conditions, the contract will list the film for home use only. 

If after a year no film is in production, the rights to the script return to me (without a refund).

Free version:


It's possible to use a script of mine for free. In this case I retain some control over it such as:


All changes must be approved by me.


Mine is the only name listed as the author in the credits.


I shall receive draft videos of rehearsals.


As a thanks to me, you can send some amount at the end of shooting.


At the end of shooting I shall receive a copy of the film for placement on my website.


An exception to this is contest work which, per the rules requires that a work be shown for the first time at the competition. (Those I will post after the contest).


If after three months time I don't see work beginning on the film, I will return the script to my site for someone else to produce.