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 For the Sake of Physics.


Script  (Формат PDF 71 Kb) 

Anna, a "D" student, invites her quiet, nerdy classmate Vasya home to help her with some physics problems, or more exactly, to do them for her. While this going on, Anna's cell phone rings and she's informed that Vasya's sister, Lyuda has been hit by a car and has dislocated her shoulder.


But Anna, instead of telling him what had happened, shuts off both her phone and Vasya's. And really, it's nothing serious with Lyuda and physics is more important.


But physics was not going to happen.


Artem, Anna's same-aged stepbrother, comes home to the apartment. He tells Vasya about Lyuda. But Vasya wants to be Anna's boyfriend so much that he sides with her.


But Artem keeps insisting which angers Anna. She lays out what she really thinks of Artem, Vasya and Lyuda.


Artem says to Anna that she's being destroyed by her pride. Anna is angry because of this. The audience sees her true nature and the extent of her pride. Anna believes that she alone mastered body and transformed her figure into something ideal without the help of any higher powers.


During the quarrel Anna ignores the ringing of her cell phone and later learns that Lyuda was hit by the car while saving Anna's mother. But her mother needs a blood transfusion and, in rural areas, they look for a donor instead of wasting time trying to get blood from a larger city. Anna can give her blood and save her mother.


But she doesn't do it and a few days later we see her weeping beside her mother's grave.