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Script  (Format PDF 60 Kb) 

People always have to answer for their actions in life. But what happens if the police, who should catch criminals, don't? Who will carry out justice, God or someone playing God?


To the outside world, Dmitri is a family man who is raising three children. It doesn't matter that, after the death of his wife, he sent our heroine her daughter, Maria 14-16 years-old, to boarding school, because he didn't send his son Sergei,14-16 years old or their daughter Elizabeth 8-10 years old.


But after the suicide of Elizabeth, who only just turned 8-10, our heroine Maria goes to the surprised Dmitri with a gift.


Maria says he must use the gift within the hour. Dmitri asks for clarification.


Maria suggests he shoot himself. Naturally Dmitri calls her crazy, but Maria invites him to take a closer look at the contents of the box. Dmitri notices that there's a DVD player laying next to the gun. Dmitri picks up the DVD player and turns it on. He sees Sergei bound and gagged on the screen. Maria explains that Dmitri has to shoot himself within the hour or Sergei will die.


But why is she doing this? Is it simply revenge for the fact that Dmitri packed her off to boarding school after her mother's death?


It turns out that she blames him, not only for her mother's death but also for Elizabeth's suicide.


So why is he guilty? Why has she decided to blame Dmitri? And what exactly is his fault?


Not kidding around, she accuses him of raping his own daughter. Dmitri denies everything, but Maria insists that she has evidence, specifically a video confession from Elizabeth. Maria offers him two choices. In the first scenario, he goes to prison and Sergei dies. In the second he puts a bullet in his head, but Sergei lives.


A shot rings out.

A few hours before… Sergei and Maria jointly plan Dmitri's death. But Sergei dies by Maria's hand because he too molested Elizabeth.